Two New Nursing Tools Available Now on Adeo

Adeo is proud to announce the launch of two new products – adding to its ever-growing collection of clinical and administrative best practices. Created and curated by nursing professionals at Cleveland Clinic, these survey instruments address common issues – uniform selection and lack of adherence to fluid restrictive diets.

The “Nurse Image Scale” allows for easy selection of best uniform options for nursing staff based on real patient preference. A survey to be delivered to patients, the tool is easily digestible, allows for use of custom images, and has both adult and pediatric applications (listed separately). Helping to answer the question of best uniform for nurses in your institution, the “Nurse Image Scale” is simultaneously comprehensive and easy to deploy.

The second tool is more specific to heart failure nursing units. The “Fluid Restrictive Behaviors Scale” can be used to more easily asses how well patients are adhering to their orders for a fluid restrictive diet. Often patients may think they have properly followed the instructions given to them pre-procedure, but the patients’ caregivers can never be quite sure. The “Fluid Restrictive Behaviors Scale” allows the caring nurses to understand how the patients perceived instruction – and how well they followed it.

Though these tools are designed to address specific pain points, the needs are universal, and the solutions are adaptable. Check out these products and more healthcare resources only at

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