Electro MAGNET


Electro generates all the documentation you need for ANCC MAGNET accreditation, the Gold Standard for recognition of nursing excellence.  This application, available for download, produces automatically a linked PDF document that meets all the requirements for direct submission to free ANCC portal.  All at a fraction of the price of well-known solutions with none of the restrictions and add-on costs they impose for updates and changes.

Developed by Marie Leist-Smith and Daniel Kellner at Mercy Health, a member of Bon Secour Mercy Health and the Innovation Institute.


"Will it work in my service?"

The ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® is proof of a hospital’s commitment to excellence in health care, with contented nurses at its heart. For hospitals that are new to the ANCC’s Magnet program or are renewing their ANCC Magnet status, the primary challenge is submitting the electronic application.  Many hours are devoted to conforming the electronic application to meet the ANCC’s rigorous standards. Electro is a software application with a standard directory structure that allows nursing leaders to focus on the Magnet certification content and preparation instead of formatting documents and delivery requirements. Electro provides a simple step by step approach for generating Magnet compliant documents for ANCC Magnet Auditors. Historically, Magnet Directors have relied on internal staff in either the quality or IT department and/or external consultants to help them prepare their Magnet applications to meet the requirements of the ANCC. Hiring outside consultants can be costly, with some companies charging as much as $40,000 for their services. Electro saves over 100 hours of administrative time by formatting and compiling documents to Magnet standards.


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