New app takes care of MAGNET formatting and documentation

Every year, several dozen hospitals make a bid for MAGNET accreditation through the American Nurses Credentialing Commission (ANCC), part of the American Nursing Association.  It’s a time consuming and complicated process, consuming hundreds of hours of staff time gathering information that must be collated and formatted to detailed specifications, followed by updates every three years.  Hospitals typically engage consultants to help coordinate the task. 

Mercy Health in Cincinnati came up with a better idea – they transformed their efforts into a software application that does all the formatting for you.  The application, Electro MAGNET, is now available to purchase from for a fraction of the price of existing third party options.  Hospitals using Electro MAGNET not only save over 100 hours of staff time but have full control over their application process and can make as many modifications and updates to their documentation without additional costs or complicated processes.  Electro MAGNET is the cost-effective choice for any hospital seeking MAGNET accreditation or reaccreditation.  Check it out here.

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