Adeo’s new look

Welcome and thank you for visiting, the online marketplace for healthcare’s best practices. is the e-commerce site for Adeo, LLC, a nonprofit organization wholly owned by Cleveland Clinic Foundation and operated from within Cleveland Clinic Innovations.

Here you’ll find a growing collection of clinical and administrative tools for delivering better services, playbooks and manuals used to implement and operate best-in-class patient care, clinical training materials, survey instruments and examples of patient education that are available for white-labeling.

Each product and service listed on was developed for use in delivering patient care or in operations that support health care delivery. Our job is to make them available so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can acquire best practices and tweak them to your specific needs. To guide you, we’ve identified whether products deliver cost or time savings, better clinical outcomes or improvements to the patient experience or caregiver experience. You’ll see these benefits indicated by icons on the product images. You can use these benefits to search the catalog or within a product category.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the new website and how we can serve you most effectively with health care’s best practices. And if you have developed a best practice of your own and would like to bring it to market, reach out to see if we can list it on AdeoExperts. Email us a!

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