6 Clicks & more…

Five years ago, when therapy leaders at Cleveland Clinic had the chance to collect discrete data on their patients, they felt a functional measure would have the most impact on their work.  But there was nothing appropriate on the market, so they had to create it themselves.  They worked with Boston University to produce inpatient short forms of the Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care or AM-PAC.  Now widely known as “6 Clicks” because its six questions on activity and mobility are so quick and easy for physical and occupational therapists, the tool has revealed insights into patient activity that now drive therapist staffing levels, help determine which patients are most appropriate for consults and has even reduced length of stay by streamlining decisions and authorizations for post-acute settings.

The AM-PAC Inpatient Short Forms (6 Clicks) has become the top selling item on AdeoExperts.com, the site for healthcare’s best practices (click here to find out more).  Short forms are also available to evaluate outpatients, pre-surgical patients and patients in home care

Mary Stilphen, DPT and Karen Green, DPT, both of whom contributed to the tool’s development, have also released a series of training videos to accompany 6 Clicks.  The 6 Clicks Training Guide is a 10 minute video explaining how to score the tool and put it into immediate practice.  Partnering with Payers is a 30 minute video describing the ways Cleveland Clinic has used 6 Clicks data to streamline authorizations for post-acute settings, improving the process for clinicians, payers and of course patients and their families.  Creating a Culture of Mobility comprises two videos and 17 additional resources to support hospitals to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by collecting 6 Clicks functional data and how to share this value across staff groups beyond physical and occupational therapy. 

No one better explains the benefits of 6 Clicks than the experts themselves – watch this brief video to hear from Mary and Karen.

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